Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Things that make the skin itch - a two part monologue

by Bandile Gumbi

Giving up

They announced
Change took a detour
To council with an old friend
It was around teatime
He is detained

We know once old friends get-to-gather
The moss grows under feet
He might be rooted for millennia

The progressive movement can wait
Change has been around for ages
Its agile youthful feet
Use to act just in time
For a bygone revolutionary moment

These days
The heart might be in the right place
But change is delimited by age
Just, maybe its time for a new age

Giving In

I will not look you in the eye
The blank space next to your left ear
Holds much fascination
I t does not affect my nervous system
Nor aim to initiate involuntary communication

Yes, I will look at the cityscape
Pass by on the right side of your ear
It rushes past like I do
It asks no questions
And I am not giving any answers

I will not take up any particular struggle
I was not born of my mother’s struggle dreams
But conceived in between idle chatter and shopping sprees
On Longmarket street

Indifferently numb I will not comment
Answer only when spoken too
There is nothing more than this

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