Tuesday, July 29, 2008


by Bandile Gumbi

While your body
Stands at the shore of your past
Your yearnings take a flightful dive
To the depths and contours
Of the land of your mother’s mother
As the perpetual identity puts to rest
The juxtaposed questions
At the right angle of your confusion

You have always seemed
To be swimming up-stream
With the diligence of a mad woman
Catching flies in midair

Your fears are buried in the still waters
Only to resurface
With the floods

A constant wanderer
Always at the beginning
Of complete circles

You smell the winds
Before they have blown the house of cards
Where you have taken refugee
Reminding you of the oath
Your poetic heart pledges your destiny too

You have kept us all
Gasping for air
As you ride the tornado
To your metamorphosised self

You have knocked yourself
Against the shadows of doubt
As you search

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