Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This Place Forever (excerpt)

Artist / director: Fabian Oliver Wargau
Composer: Hedley Vincent

This excerpt from This Place Forever is a broken debate between two twenty-somethings about insecurity, love affairs and the environment of the city. The video drastically abbreviates their reflections on the permanence versus non-permanence of life as well as compatibility versus incompatibility between people, becoming in itself something transitory, to be used like the city. The film draws on a combination of poetic visual texts which are displayed as subtitles against the raw sound of passing vehicles and the hushed underlying original score.

To those who belongs the earth shall belong the sky up to the heavens

Artist / director: Maaike Bakker
Sound: Christian Henn

In this stop motion video of sky scenery embedded with text, the sky becomes a new intangible landscape, an extension of the city. In focusing on the constant search for unchartered territory, the video deals with the theme of the cities limitless and constant transformation. It investigates the old roman principle “Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad caelum et ad inferos“, which roughly translated states: ”To those who belongs the earth..(shall belong the sky up to the heavens)”. The video refers to the city in terms of its never-ending evolvement, to the extent where the only remaining space for development is above us, in the sky. It addresses and simultaneously satirises the rapid course of society’s progress in terms of spatial development.

The sound for the video was created by Christian Henn, only making use of air driven
instruments, a pedal organ and an accordion.

Jackson 5

Artist / director: Sean Buch
Camera / editor: Emma Jane Laurence
Sound: DJ Yoji a.k.a Simon Tollman
2’ 50’’

Graffiti artists attempt to create a private space within the city through the act of tagging, writing their pseudonym in public space. Painting is considered by many to be a cloistered process executed in a studio or private space. This video, inspired by hip-hop and graffiti culture, plays on the tensions of the a painter’s public and private identity, and his relationship to the cities of Gauteng. The title Jackson 5 makes reference both to the American Abstract Expressionist artist Jackson Pollock and the Pop group of the 60s and 70s.


Cape Town
Choreographer / director: Ananda Fuchs

Three women sit in an empty suburban swimming pool: one who speaks the other’s mind, one who translates into her lover’s language and one whose mind is being spoken. They are all suspended in waiting. The film uses the words from the Leonard Cohen poem, “Dance Me to the End of Love”, as the women’s bodies remember the rhythm of love and of loss and are swept up in the dance, switching ultimately to a lovers’ tango on the beach – a memory or fantasy?

Player 1.1

Port Elizabeth / Grahamstown
Artist / director: Mark Wilby
Performer: Gary Gordon

A man in a desolate warehouse landscape mutters the obsessive rhythms of share prices and stock market reports. It is an accountant’s incantation of shock, the nightmare of a stockbroker, evidence of an addiction that has erased him, adding up to nothing.

Walking in Plastic

Cape Town
Choreographer / performer: Mduduzi Nyembe
Poet / voice: Bandile Gumbi
Artist / director: Kai Lossgott

Performance artist Mduduzi Nyembe presents a memory of a wounded woman, a dream for an absent father, and a dance in a street market for survival. They are ritual stories of the heartache of the slums – substance abuse, violence, gender inequalities, chronic unemployment, families’ incapacity to provide for and protect their children. Each of Nyembe’s characters, taken from his daily interactions in the township, is left, in the words of poet Bandile Gumbi, "a constant wanderer / always at the beginning of complete circles", trapped in the existential cycle of poverty.

Terra Obscura

Cape Town
Artist / programmer / director: Maia Grotepass

Terra Obscura displays the joint layered effects of computerised forces and human intervention on two sites on the developing edge of greater Cape Town. Grotepass interprets the data to mirror and highlight processes observable in landscape changes that occur due to “low density sprawl”. Informal human interaction and natural processes are mapped to random-based algorhythms. Geometric algorhythms create visual structures referring to formal planned development of the sites. This video is an exploration of imagery captured from an interactive installation work with the same title.

TV Programs 001: Powerlines / Web of Life

Cape Town
Artist / director: Nileru

An abstract photomontage work that engages with the electrical power lines which characterizes our urban environment. The combination of still photography, repetition and Solfreggio sound frequencies produce an audiovisual sensory experience which is at once calming and meditative to some, while excruciatingly irritating to others.

The Electrician

Cape Town
Artist / director: Terry Westby-Nunn
Poet / voice / performer: Tanya van Schalkwyk

Cities are the dressing rooms of our dreams / fantasies. "The Electrician" romps through another side of Cape Town's blackouts and energy crises, as well as the mind of a city dweller. Is the electrician a figment of her imagination or is she part of an underground city - alternate to the one we read about in the papers and believe to be true? Reality or imaginary, the city plays dress up with our minds.

Omdat ek die stadsrumoer (Because I chose the city noise)

Cape Town
Artist / director: Koeka Stander
Poet: William Rowland
Voice: Helene Rowland

A video poem that evokes the silent, boxed-in world of creatures living in aquarium tanks, viewed by casual tourists. In them we see our mirrored selves, trapped inside the noisy city landscape. The writer of the poem and song in this film was blinded at age four, but at 69 still has vivid memories of visiting an aquarium.


Artist / director: Rat Western

Waiting is a lonely, domestic experience of urban, inner-city living as told from the perspective of a particular inhabitant. Waiting was originally designed as a comic/graphic story and was printed in book form, but was converted to a film for exhibition purposes.


Choreographer / director: Jeanette Ginslov

Karohano, meaning pieces in Sesotho, is a collaborative dance video representing three male dancers from Madagascar and South Africa. It is a fusion of video technology and urban dance energy, revealing aspects of African male identity, political satire and ironic gestures. Nominated for Jury Short Award Cinedans, Netherlands, 2008.

I lost a poem

Artist / director: Erica Luttich
Poet / artist: Anni Snyman

This video poem laments the loss of slow significant contact that a vehicle bound city inhabitant experiences, but also exalts in the infinitely interesting stream of image, noise and thought that flows by. In the timeframe of the automobile, images, moments and themes repeat continually. This transforms the city into an experience of motion and rhythm, rather than locality.

Sound and Sign Language Poems

Artist / director: Lolette Smith
Performer: Michaela Smith

Sign Language poems are visual poems in their own right, with their own syntax, morphology and poetic rules. In 'Car on a bumpy road' the 'C' shaped hands become the bouncing car wheels while the body wrestles the bumps on the road. 'A' shaped hands clutch the steering wheel turning this way and that. 'R' shaped hands eventually become the smooth road. Cultural/language barriers can be ignored as the poems inform the viewer of the rich diversity of the visual language of Sign.