Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A woman's journey

by Bulelwa Basse

The universe itches
at the soles of her resiliernt feet,
with its persistent requests

step-by-step she treads tactfully
towards the accomplishment of each,
without a sigh in sound

Even when her shoulders emulate
the shape of her burdens,
the corners of her eyes
crease with a smile,
whenever she is greeted
by the innocence of her kind

Her arms, welcoming,
Her intellect, provocative
Her tongue, gentles enraged hearts
and her beauty, silencing

Grown men break into infant tongues
in her presence,
clumsy over her supremacy
Many have competed
and all have self-ridiculed,
in a quest for opulence,
yet priceless is her worth

Her love is nothing short of God:
She seeks connection
with every soul she meets
Found love, first,
before knowing who she was

In random tragedy
she learns hard lessons
Through loss of many sentimentals,
gains internal sharpening

Her eyes widen with awe
per universal orbit
And with life's surprising schooling,
steps the world
with a little bit of wisdom

Her footprints unravel mystery
Her word speaks comprehension
And her exchange rives consciousness
Like stitches on assembly on a quilt,
every encounter is history recorded,
as she journeys with all the living's aspirations
Dreams, their successes
Mourns their losses
Cries their tears
And fights for the feeble-minded one's sanity

It is this essence of woman
that propels the world
to dreams fulfilled
Gives birth to characters of excellence,
cultured minds,
conquering attitudes
and celebrated spirits
Because hers, has always been blessed
with the power of building
not only a home, but also a nation

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