Tuesday, August 26, 2008


by Angifi Dladla

We wish wee, we waz deh Bushshop’s Chillen;
deh God of Isryel, he woud do deh res’.
We wish wee, we waz Politishen Chillen;
to Eleet Schools wee, we woud dhrive.
We wish wee, we waz bhorn to Eggzayls;
Heirs to Hi Konnekhshins wee, we woud bee.
We wish wee, we waz from deh Oryen’;
Yoga it woud meyk us suttle.
From infinit slum shackhs wee, we come;
named aftah deh Hevvy Politishens, wee deh shackhs
chillen. Dis iz deh time, now, show dem enjel feys,
Gabhryel of long agow!

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