Tuesday, August 26, 2008

lunching at the foot of the gardens

Allan Kolski Horvitz

sir george grey
governor of the cape colony from 1854 to 1861
stands with one foot forward
quite fey
amazing to think he expanded the borders quite efficiently . . . ahem

a malay woman with sagging breasts
adjusts her black veil
strolls past with three small children
dressed in shorts and t-shirts that read:
well done uncle bin laden
sock it to the Yankees

a rat frightens a squirrel
wins the peanut thrown by a bratwurst of a tourist
camera lens as big as his boep

the heat forces us all into the shade
except for george grey who has to bleach
in the sight of history


and in this hour of meditation

the laughter of muscular nigerians
fills the lawns with mangrove swamps and oily deltas
bottles of baby powder masquerading as coke

the clatter of anorexic supermodels strutting down sidepaths
makes schoolboys
burst into pimply flamencos

secretaries in tight pants eating bananas on the benches
send text messages to their boyfriends
imploring invitations to dinner

xhosa cleaners in orange jackets and black hats worthy of halloween
sweep leaves from the feet of bearded Sikhs
sitting hunched over fake passports

mounted policemen nibble weeds
planted by hippies outside parliament on the day
verwoerd went under the knife

streams of curvaceous young women
fail to stop turning old men into yeats
goodgrace ah graciousness ah h a dis g rac e ?

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